Frequently Asked Questions

Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions

Do I call my health care provider for a new prescription if I have no refills remaining?
Most health care providers prefer the dispensing pharmacy to call and request refill authorizations. This reduces the amount of phone calls to their office and, if there are any questions, they can discuss them directly with the pharmacist.

How far ahead should I call in my refill request so that I receive it in time?
In our experience,the postal service takes up to 3 business days for local delivery.

What experience do you have with long-term care facilities?
Most of our staff previously worked at a strictly long-term care/adult family home pharmacy in the Seattle area. We are very familiar with the needs of the many homes we proudly served. Our pharmacist has over 20 years’ experience working in hospital, clinic, retail, and long-term care settings.

How do you start servicing an adult family home?
We prefer face-to-face meetings with the owner/caregiver when starting a new patient. We do the work to obtain the prescriptions and, as much as possible, a member of our efficient staff will personally deliver the first set of medications to your home.

Durable Medical Equipment Frequently Asked Questions

I heard that Medicare will pay for everything if my doctor wrote a prescription. Is that true?
No. There are a lot of exceptions. Please fill out the order form and I will call you or email you and we can figure out what may be and what is not.

Does Medicare pay for all of my walker etc. ?
No. Medicare only pays 80% AFTER your deductable is covered. If you have a supplemental insurance they may pick up the 20% and in some cases the deductable. Make sure you give me all of your insurance information.

I have Secure Horizons, Group Health, Regence advantage etc. Do they cover my product?
In some cases they do, BUT they must be prior approved. Not all providers (Chesterfield) are contracted with these insurance company's and they only allow those that are contracted to get paid for items. Most contracts never open to all providers. So you may have to contact your insurance company to find out where you can go to get what you need.

I have a walker, wheelchair etc. but it needs to be replaced. Will Medicare buy me a new one?
Not always. It must be at least 5 years old and deemed non repairable. Your Doctor must write a prescription that states why you need a new one and why it can not be fixed, or why it no longer works for you.

Can I get a walker and a wheelchair and it be covered by my insurance?
That is a sticky question. In Some instances it may be covered. In most it would not . Again your doctor must write a prescription and explain why you need both.